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Governance, Risk & Compliance Consulting

We have a broad service offering on Performance, Governance, Risk, and Compliance (PGRC). We add performance to the more common GRC framework as in the end it is about being more effective and efficient. Secondly, we are focused on using technology support to enhance the PGRC framework and truly support the activities. 

Energy consulting

We advise and support you in energy and energy management. A long term expertise in energy markets helps you to navigate to complex topics such as Digitalisation, Energy transitions, Processes optimisation and Value chain analysis. Handling change and having an effective, agile and efficient organisation is essential for the future. 

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Partnerships & Investments

Talk to us about partnering or investments in your business. We can help you to enhance your business and optimize performance through use of technology, people and processes.

About us

Porteg is a boutigue consultancy firm, offering services on topics suchs as digital transformation, new business implementation and value chain improvement. Secondly we have extensive experience in Performance, Governance, Risk and Compliance (PGRC). We are flexible in buidling a team with experts for you to compliment your internal teams. 


We work with real business cases with the aim to build the bridge between strategy and execution. We improve the connection between different knowledge centers and departments. Our unique approach and high energy will enhance the performance (efficiency and effectiveness) and agility of your company. 

Porteg was created out of a need to help organisations through changes and improvements. Helping organisations to reach their objectives is what we are passionate about.  


Whether its new business or changes to existing structures, we help you navigate complex topics such as regulation, risk, governance, performance and digitalisation (technology).  

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